Hey there, thanks for stopping by to find out stuff about my artistic persona, AuSET.

Long story short, I didn't dream from childhood to become an artist. I never study music before, it just looks like music did follow and protect me, from behind the scenes.

As a child my only dream was to become a smart adult, hoping my smartness will stop the pain of living in a culture where it's considered very unfortunate to be born a woman, and existing in a society that labels people as sinners for following their artistic inclination. And I did, I have become very smart, and also the pain has grown equally stronger.

Until one March 2019 evening when I have found myself in the front of a DJ set forced by external circumstances to hit the PLAY button, and then in a split of a second the magic happen. There was no pain anymore, only music, love and peace!


In time I'll come with updates, stay tuned and listen to the #musicWithHeartbeats

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